About Us

The KBIES Consultants (Pvt) Ltd (formerly as KBIES (K.B. International Education Services)) was established in 23rd July 2000, under Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan & National Tax Number, as a British Council | ICEF-3756 (Dubai, UAE & Miami, USA) | NET (New Educational Trend, Poland) | UniAgents | EAIE (European Association for International Education, Amsterdam, The Netherlands) | IUNC Eurasia, Moscow, Russia | IEFT (International Education Fairs of Turkey)| J-Conference (JAPI – Japan Association for Professional Internationalization, Tokyo, Japan) | Trained &Certified consulting firm committed to assist the students to plan their future in Pakistan. Also an Executive Member of AFEIC (Association of Foreign Education & Immigration Consultants), Pakistan. We effectively work with students to identify their strengths and improve their weaknesses. In order to help the students to achieve their educational aspirations, objectives and goals, they are provided one to one counseling. We aim to facilitate the students to make the right choice of a school, college and university and thereby making the best use of their time and resources for the brightest possible future. The potential students seeking admissions in the foreign universities have to struggle a lot to make a right choice at right time. Their hardships in making this choice become manifold in many ways, if they particularly don’t have any previous exposure to international market. The founding and the guiding principle of our existence are to lend a hand the students to make a sagacious decision of selecting an institute matching their requirements and future market needs.


KBIES Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is offering the consulting services to the students to plan their future. Our motivations are based on following objectives:

  • To provide counseling to help students and their families in making a right decision while choosing a school, college, universities or other programs that best suit the requirements of the students for their intellectual and social growth.
  • To create a database of good educational opportunities available throughout the world and identify the best options.
  • To provide information about the seminars, exhibitions, courses, to the professionals intending to enhance their professional knowledge and skills.
  • To facilitate a student with the application and admissions process.
  • To provide the students Visa File Assistance.
  • To provide the Travel, Accommodation booking and Pre-Departure Briefing.


KBIES Consultants (Pvt) Ltd is committed to make sure that at-risk talented youth and students select the right options, leading to success, fulfillment and excellence. We strive hard for our students to be valued and validated both in the domestic and international job markets and that they have a relevant edge over others. As their facilitators in making a right selection of their future educational institutes, our approach to educational consulting is student-focused, meeting students and their families on their terms and working with them to achieve their goals.


KBIES Consultants (Pvt) Ltd has principal points of presence in main cities of Pakistan i.e. Islamabad& Gujranwala. These cities produce a large number of undergraduate and graduate students qualifying on regular basis. Many of them wish to pursue international education for a global career by acquiring an international degree to place them in a better position in a world of ever-increasing competition. KBIES Consultants (Pvt) Ltdhave strong relationship and linkages with a large number of students intending to seek admission in a foreign college/university for their educational aspirations.